Using Logitech Media Sever on Synology NAS


Hi, I can get SWYH working on my DLNA TV but I would really like to get the stream into my Logitech Media Server which is a native add-on to the Synology Diskstation so that I can play the stream on my Squeeze players. The LMS has the UPnP/DLNA add-on but does not show up as a device to stream to. Can I enable the LMS as a client to receive the stream from SWYH? I have tried the live streaming option but tuning the LMS into the URL got nowhere. I am sure it must be possible to get this to work and I am missing something obvious! Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi - I had no problem with streaming to from my Windows 7 PC to my LMS Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox) - My LMS is running on a Raspberry Pi 2 but that should make no difference. Remember to fix the port used by SWYH and set up a URL as a favourite on the LMS - can now stream my Napster and Amazon Music to my network of Squeezeboxes - Jon