Using Logitech Media Sever on Synology NAS

Hi, I can get SWYH working on my DLNA TV but I would really like to get the stream into my Logitech Media Server which is a native add-on to the Synology Diskstation so that I can play the stream on my Squeeze players. The LMS has the UPnP/DLNA add-on but does not show up as a device to stream to. Can I enable the LMS as a client to receive the stream from SWYH? I have tried the live streaming option but tuning the LMS into the URL got nowhere. I am sure it must be possible to get this to work and I am missing something obvious! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi - I had no problem with streaming to from my Windows 7 PC to my LMS Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox) - My LMS is running on a Raspberry Pi 2 but that should make no difference. Remember to fix the port used by SWYH and set up a URL as a favourite on the LMS - can now stream my Napster and Amazon Music to my network of Squeezeboxes - Jon

If you want to use Amazon Music on Squeezebox, then you can use the DRmare Amazon Music Converter to help you. With it, you can get Amazon Music as local files and then you can move Amazon Music to Squeezebox and other devices for using as you like.

Thanks for the information ! I download Amazon Music Converter to play amazon music on Squeezebox successfully! works like a charm.

Or you could try amazon music converter to convert amazon music to common format, like mp3, etc. then you can import these files to Squeezebox or any other player. :wink:

Guys! AudFree amazon music converters rocks!
Def worth a try! Super love it :heart_eyes: