Tested TV Panasonic TX-L42ETW5 -> OK


FW 1261-10402


Delay: from 25 up to 30 seconds

Great Tool! Many Thanks


I don’t have enough kwngdeole about the wars to argue ont his point, and since Correai and John are friends of mine, I’ll just say that my main beef with Spike Lee was that he had a problem with Clint Eastwood making the film Bird about jazz legend Charlie Parker. That film had 90% black actors in it, and Spike still had a problem with it, although it recieved award after award and praise from jazz musicians such as Wynton Marsalis and Miles Davis.I’ve never served in the Military or been a black person, so I really don’t have the moral ground that either of you have to stand on. I do, however, think that Spike Lee lives to be divisive. I think if everybody woke up tomorrow and predjudice was magically gone, I think he’d be an unhappy man.I know nothing about his upbringing or where he came from, because frankly he seems to be a talented but (in my opinion) bigoted person. What I’m clumsily trying to say is that I don’t think Spike should be angry at Clint for something other people did.Now I’m friend with both of you schmucks, so play nice.


A practvooive insight! Just what we need!