SWYH ist continuously streaming random audio


Dear Sébastien,

Many thanks for this cool piece of software!

SWYH worked instantly after installtion on my computer (windows 7), showed my device (SONY …) in the “stream to” menu and started streaming shortly after I selected the device. That was great!

But, after a couple of minutes I noticed, that SWYH is continuously streaming some random audio, regardless the sound that is actually played on the computer. I restarted my computer, but the behaviour remained the same. I then figured out, that SWYH is always streaming the last content I streamed before with WMPDCM, instead of the actual audio on the computer, and I can’t control it (SWYF streams this audio even if WMPCCM is closed).

Do you have any idea on that?

Best regards,



No ideas on that issue?


Hi , bonjour

Thanks for this usefull soft. No more cable between pc and my pioneer p-n500

Just the same problem. The result is that Standby (mise en veille) is hanged.
Oblige to close SWYH. A ‘disable streaming’ link in task icon will be nice.