Switched router, now DLNA does not work anymore, ideas?


Dear kind fellows,

I have a Panasonic SA-PMX9DB (Euro-Version) with acts as a DLNA audio renderer.
Previously, my computer was wired to a single band router and the PMX9 was connected wireless. SWYH worked just fine for me.
Now I moved to a new place and got a T-Link Dual-Band Router. Both devices are now connected via WiFi (but not necessarily to the same band). I can still stream from my Synology NAS to the PMX9, but not with SWYH from my Windows 10 PC. What could be the issue?
Best, Florian


I also noticed Stream To Deviceā€¦ via DLNA from Edge also works from my PC.
Just SWYH will not. :frowning: