Stream URL


I can get mp3 out using the provided URL but can’t get the WAV out with all the urls I tried. What’s the secret?


Both streams (mp3 and wav) are recording and running all the time. You must have mistyped something…

Both urls are nearly the same, except for the ending. E.g:


I double checked and mp3 works but wav doesn’t. Wav is selected in the program. Tried to set to mp3 as well but still mp3 works and wav doesn’t. Must be some sort of bug.


Not on SWYHs side tho. Type both urls into your browsers address bar and your browser should start playing…

SWYHs setting dialog is mostly for dlna / UPnP playback btw - it has no influence of the http live streaming part you are using. The only exception is the capture rate. Lower it to 44100 Hz and retry.

The bug must be your receivers. What are you using? Maybe the don’t like the wav format…


I never said the bug wasn’t on my end :slight_smile:

It works as .wav in WMP but not in VLC…


In your first post you said you can’t access the wav stream from its url at all. Guess we cleared that one.

So again: what do you use as receivers? All that is left is the wav format / the capture rate itself. Lower the capture rate and check again. If this doesn’t work your receivers want another uncompressed format (good old windows wav vs. aiff etc). Hard to check without knowing what you use.
Btw VLC works for me regardless.