stream to Squeezebox: 401 unauthorized



I’m trying to use SWYH to stream from my PC (Windows 10) to a Squeezebox. The LMS server is 7.7.5, running on a different Windows 10 computer; it has the uPNP plugin installed.

The squeezebox shows up in the SWYH dialog, and when I select it, the Squeezebox stops doing what it is doing and displays “http 1.1 401 unauthorized”.
I get the same error message when trying to use the “cast to device” feature of Windows Media Player (it also shows the title of the track that is cast, but does not start playing).

Any idea how to stream to a Squeezebox?




I imagine you could open the http stream as if it were a regular radio stream within the Logitech music server?

Hope that does the trick.