Stream to Philips device


I have tried about everything I can think of (not that tech savy), and couldn’t come up with a solution myself. So I turn to you.

I have a Philips 'Wireless Music Station (WAS7500). It used to be part of a set with the Wireless Music Center, but the center no longer works.

What I want to achieve is streaming music from my PC (and if possible from my iphone) to the station with a wireless connection. UPNP would be the preferred solution, but it might work with its internet radio functionality and HTTP live streamin.

I just get get the UPNP connection going. it keeps displaying ‘searching for UPNP servers’, followed by ‘Server not found’. I think the device is properly connected to the internet through WIFI but I’m not even sure of that or how to check it. :confused:

Can anybody help me out?