Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which is Better?

The world of music streaming offers an abundance of choices, but two giants stand out: Spotify and Apple Music. They both offer millions of songs, personalized playlists, and various features to enhance your listening experience. But which one is better for you? In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll evaluate Spotify and Apple Music across various categories, helping you make an informed decision.

Check out the table below for a quick overview of the key differences and features between Spotify and Apple Music side by side:

Spotify Apple Music
Monthly cost $10.99 $10.99
Music library size Over 100 million tracks Over 100 million tracks
Audio Quality (Maximum) 320Kbps in OGG Hi-Resolution Lossless 3,730 Kbps in ALAC
Availability(2023 currently) 178 countries 167 countries
Offline mode Yes, requires a subscription Yes, requires a subscription
Active users (2023 currently) 551 million monthly (Paid subscribers 220 million) 98 million monthly (Paid subscribers 98 million)
Summary of users’ listening habits Spotify Wrapped Apple Music Replay


  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Music Discovery and Recommendations
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Audio Quality
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Compatibility and Ecosystem
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Pricing and Subscription Plans
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: User Interface
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Social Features
  • Spotify vs. Apple Music: Unique Features
  • Download Spotify Music and Apple Music to MP3 for Free

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Personally, I prefer Spotify. Its Daily Mix feature is my favorite.