PS3 Reqular pauses in playback


Running your software on imac 27 inch with win8 installed via bootcamp. Modified sound settings to stereo and 16 bit to get server to run, then set to PCM output. ON ps3 selected Steram what you hear stream option. streaming commenced sucessfully :slight_smile: However noted consistent and regular pauses in playback. Very similar setup using foobar and UPNP server to PS3 on another Win PC does not expiernce same pausing problem with PCM files? Will need to investigate further have you any ideas?



Iโ€™ve used a few field recorders, and they all have tebrrile user interfaces. This one still looks pretty bad, but the use of real buttons with one purpose might be itโ€™s saving grace.


Does your music play any faster on your ps3 than on your pc as well? This was the case with my ps3, i assume it is due to a difference between recording and play rate? Try some different settings, my capture rate is now 48000hz and works like a charm on ps3 now!


It works if you disable the Internet ccoteoninn. Just disabled the Internet and mine works fine now. This happens for several movies and works when done for all of them.