Is it possible to select what sound card to stream from?


I have a rather special need. I have a whole house system that I need to expand to two rooms that are impossible to wire. And I need the output from a sound card, not any DNLA or something like that. My plan is to get two receivers and use Asus RP-AC52 as receivers, and keep the signal always on. So the only thing being turned on or off would be the receiver itself. Stream What You Hear would be a nice solution to send the output of the sound card. The problem is that it seems like I can’t choose which sound card to send the output to (there are 12 virtual sound cards in the server, using the kX Drivers for four Sound Blaster Audigy cards), and it seems I can’t use two at the same time. Is it possible in any sneaky way to do this?


Btw I tried to search the forum, but the search function gave me a 404 error, so I wasn’t able to find it out that way.


Oh, I see I’m unclear. I mean to use two hifi receivers and use the Asus as the AirPlay receiver. Sorry about that…


And since I’m already far into cluttering up my own thread, I can say my dream scenario. I know about the switch to start streaming to a certain DLNA receiver (I see that I have written AirPlay earlier, I meant DLNA, but not regular DLNA which has to be from a program, just everything coming out of a sound card). So the best thing would be if there was a switch to start streaming from a specific sound card, and if the program could be started more than once with separate switches:

SWYH.exe -SoundCard5 -Receiver1
SWYH.exe -SoundCard7 -Receiver2

And so on. I hope that makes it clearer. :slight_smile: