How to Transfer Tidal Music to USB Flash Drive

Similar to other popular subscription-based streaming music services in the market, Tidal offers two subsequent paid subscriptions for users after a free trial - Tidal HiFi and HiFi Plus. Both plans allow their subscribers to download and listen to over 90 million songs with unlimited skips. But as a matter of fact, whether you wanna play the Tidal song online or download them for offline listening, all Tidal tracks are limited to streaming on the app only. Also, you cannot put them on other unlicensed devices for playing due to the proprietary encryption technology.

As such, if you want to move Tidal music to any device for playing, the best solution is to use a professional third-party tool to download Tidal Music locally, so that you can transfer the Tidal downloads to USB Flash Drive. Throughout this article, we’ll show you how to work with this professional program, AudiCable Audio Recorder, and how to transfer Tidal music to a USB flash drive. Just keep reading.

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After you download Tidal songs as unprotected audio files using the Tidal music converter, you can move the downloaded Tidal songs to a USB drive, sd card, and other devices by USB cable. Tidal songs’ quality will be preserved as best as they can.