How to Share and Download Most-Streamed Spotify Playlists

Spotify is unarguably dominant among a plethora of streaming music platforms, with a massive music library including songs, podcasts, and playlists. Spotify playlists consist of songs from a wide variety of artists and genres that meet all music tastes. Apart from seeking trending Spotify songs from the home search, you may discover and follow the up-to-date songs in a well-curated playlist. Of course, everybody likes to share hot finds online — and music is no exception. Spotify allows you to share playlists with friends, whether you’ve created the playlist. Also, with a few clicks, you can share the playlist you’re listening to with anyone worldwide in real time.

In this article, not only do we walk you through how to share the most-streamed playlists on multiple devices, but we’ll offer another workable trick to download these Spotify playlists offline so you can keep them forever.

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:star_struck: :star_struck: Download the most-streamed hits or playlists using AudiCable Spotify Music Recorder . This way, you’re free to share the playlist with anyone who doesn’t use the Spotify app and anywhere out of the app.

That’s easy! I use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter Windows version to download the most-streamed playlists from Spotify to local files. Very easy to use but works powerfully! It supports 6 audio formats to convert to, like mp3, flac, wav, aac. Lossless high-quality audio and ID3 tags are retained as well.

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