How to Receiptify Apple Music in 2024

This article delves into how to obtain personalized Apple Music receipts through Receiptify and discusses, in-depth, the most convenient methods for saving songs from Apple Music receipts onto one’s local device. By offering step-by-step guidance and comprehensive insights, readers will not only learn how to harness Receiptify to create a unique musical footprint but also discover how to effectively preserve these records that reflect their personal music journey, ultimately enhancing engagement with and commitment to the Apple Music platform.

Upon using Receiptify, users are required to authenticate their Apple Music account via a pop-up authorization prompt. If pop-up permissions are not granted, Receiptify functionality will be inhibited. Hence, before proceeding to create Apple Music receipts, it’s essential to properly configure your browser or device settings to permit Receiptify’s pop-up windows.

Although not every receipt is ranked accurately, many people are still quite curious about what kind of receipt they would receive. Let’s take a look together at how such a receipt is generated.

Step 1: Visit the Receiptify home page via a website browser.

Step 2: Find the “Log in with Apple Music” button and hit on it.

Step 3: Use your Apple Music login details and log in.

Step 4: Allow Receiptify pop-ups by following the steps above.

Step 5: After finishing your signing in, click “Allow” on the Access Request window.

Step 6: Choose to refine the results based on “Top Tracks”, “Leading Artists”, or “Dominant Genres”. This application will analyze your music listening history and present a receipt-style summary featuring your top 10 most-played tracks.

If you are looking for a way to share your receipt, here is a quick solution.

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the receipt and click on “Download Image”.

Step 2: You will preview the image and click “Download” to save the receipt as an image on your device.

Step 3: Afterward, you can freely share this customized Apple Music receipt with anyone you want.