How to force streaming on ethernet IP/interface, not VPN IP/interface


PCs can have more than one active IP address. SWYH picks my VPN IP address to stream on, not the hardware ethernet IP address. Can I force it to not use that address and to use the proper one?




  • type “route print” in command prompt
  • note the lowest metric number
  • open your ethernet card properties
  • open TCP/IP v4
  • advanced
  • delete gateway if exist
  • untick automatic metric
  • enter the metric number you noted in command promt.

it should work


Same problem, proposed solution does not work.
Any possibility to select the networkadapter manually?


It worked for me. VPN-adapter had metric number 1. (so DNLA was actif on that network). I changed or better, I entered 1 in the metric setting of the desired network interface 'as sais above) . After restart of this programm (SWYH) the stream was send via correct (desired) network interface.