How to Fix Tidal Connect Not Working Issue?

When streaming music was just emerging, Tidal Music seized the opportunity in time and stood out among many platforms. Since then, Tidal Music has not been complacent and stagnant but has continued to innovate to meet the needs of users at different stages.

Tidal Connect is a special function provided by Tidal to meet the needs of some users. Tidal Connect offers an easier way to stream hi-res (or any quality) audio directly to Tidal Connect-compatible hardware, instead of streaming audio from the Tidal app on a phone or tablet to an audio device. When using Tidal Connect, it won’t go well all the time. There are occasional bumps when establishing the connection. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the specific solutions to fix the Tidal Connect not working issue. Let us begin.

Fix Tidal Connect Not Working Issue

There are several solutions we’ve learned from Tidal users’ experience who had encountered the same problem before.

:large_blue_diamond: Part 2.1. Fix Tidal Connect Not Working in Common Ways

Solution 1: Check the network connection. Reconnect your network and try again.

Solution 2: Force stopping the Tidal Music app then restart it and try again.

Solution 3: Downgrading the Tidal app to fix the problem.

Solution 4: Uninstall the Tidal app and then reinstall it. If it won’t work you can try it again a few days later.

:large_blue_diamond: Part 2.2. Fix Tidal Connect Not Working Fundamentally

There is another way out. That’s to store Tidal downloads on a local disk as local songs and solve this problem thoroughly. Only by downloading Tidal songs as local files, you are entitled to use them anytime and anywhere even without any network connection. You can transfer the Tidal downloads to a USB flash drive, or SD card then insert it into your speaker for offline playback. Or you can establish a direct connection with the speaker by any means.

You may only end up paying the bill of Tidal subscriptions monthly to unlock the offline downloading. However, you should know that all Tidal songs are just cached and not downloaded. The cached music tracks can only use played via the Tidal Music app or Tidal web player and can not be transferred to any other device. Only after turning the decrypted files into general local songs, then you can move them to any external drive and use them freely.

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I found solutions from this great post. And I solved this problem by signing out of my Tidal account.

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