How to Fix Spotify Offline Downloading Issues

As a Premium user of Spotify, the offline downloading feature can’t be accessed. It upsets you when you perceive that the monthly payment will be renewed soon. Let’s check it out and solve it quickly.

How to fix:

  1. Log out and back in. This is the most direct way to fix it.

  2. After using Spotify for a long period, your local space is fully occupied. You can choose to delete some other app or data. Otherwise, clear the cache and data of Spotify to make it work again.

  3. Disable the monitoring or housekeeping apps if you notice they may be running in the background. They will prevent the download process.

  4. If you download a large number of songs from Spotify, like 10,000 songs, you may be restricted from listening offline. You should delete some existing offline music from your PC or device to extract more tracks.

  5. For both Premium and Free users of Spotify, you can download songs to MP3, then keep them forever through this clean and powerful TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader. After that, you are not limited to playing Spotify songs offline anytime and anywhere. These downloaded songs can be preserved in your local space eternally. And also they can be transferred to any device and played via any media player.

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Thanks for sharing. It worked!