How to Convert Amazon Prime Videos to MP4 for Offline Viewing

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. However, one limitation is that videos from the platform can only be downloaded for offline viewing within the Amazon Prime app, and not in a universally playable format like MP4. For those who want to watch their favorite Amazon Prime movies or TV shows on other devices without the app, To download Amazon Video to MP4 can be a great solution.

As we all know that those downloads will be stored as DRM protected files on the Prime Video app on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. If you want to convert Amazon Prime Videos to MP4 for viewing on any devices you want, you need to use a professional Amazon Video to MP4 Converter. There are many Amazon video downloader in market, which is the best Amazon Video to MP4 converter/downloader? In this post, I will recommend a professional and powerful Amazon video downloader, it named TunesBank Amazon Video downloader. After converting them to MP4, you can watch Amazon Prime Video offline on any devices.

To convert Amazon Prime videos to MP4 in high quality, you should use TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader. It is an powerful downloader that can help you download and convert Amazon Prime videos in MP4 or MKV format. The output quality is up to 1080P, thus you can watch your Prime Videos movies and TV shows on all devices offline. With TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader, you can download Prime videos in batches, thus saving a lot of time while downloading videos. The program works well with both Windows and Mac system, you can download the free trial version and have a try!Besides, the downloaded videos will be preserved with vibrant images and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. The original subtitles and audio tracks in your preferred languages are seamlessly embedded, so that offers you convenience for enjoy cinema-like movie at home.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

What You Will Need:
A PC or Mac: The software requires a computer.
Amazon Prime Video Account: An active subscription is necessary to access the content.
Amazon Video Converter Software: Tools like TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader, the tool can help you download and convert Amazon Prime Videos to MP4 in high quality

Step-by-Step Guide: Download and Convert Amazon Prime Videos to MP4

Tips: TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader is a part of iMovieTool. If you want to download videos from Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube Movie and more streaming sites, you can try the all-in-one streaming video downloader - TunesBank iMovieTool, it can helps you convert streaming videos to HD MP4/MKV files for offline playback on any device.

Step 1: Launch Amazon Video Downloader and Login your Account
Firstly, please download and install Amazon Video Downloader on your computer. Launch it, and then sign in with your Amazon Prime Video account.

Step 2: Set MP4 as Output Format
Click the settings icon in the upper right corner, and then set MP4 as the output format. You can also set the video encoding, audio language, and type of subtitles for all video downloads.

Step 3: Search for Amazon Prime videos
Enter the video name in the search bar or copy the video link from your browser and paste it into the search field.

Step 4: Download and Convert Amazon Prime videos to MP4
Just click the “Download” button, the video will be added to the download list, waiting to be downloaded. During the downloading process, the program will convert Amazon Prime videos to MP4 format.

Step 5: View Downloaded History
After downloading completed, click the “History” tab and click the “open output folder” icon, you can get the downloaded MP4 video files. Now, you can transfer them to mobile phone for offline watching anywhere anytime, or copy Amazon movies to USB drive to easily watch on any smart TVs.

Final Thoughts

Converting Amazon Prime Videos to MP4 allows for greater flexibility in viewing your favorite content on any device. TunesBank Amazon Video Downloader is the most best tool to help you download Amazon movies to MP4. With this program, you will easily to download Amazon movies or TV shows HD MP4 files, the programs brings you cinema-like watching experience offline. The program offers trial version, please download the software and have a try, I am sure you are able to get MP4 video files and keep them forever, let’s enjoying your favorite shows and movies in MP4 format.

Thanks for your recommendation! I have tried the TunesBank Amazon Video downloader, so far so good. It can download Amazon Prime movies to MP4 with 1080p resolution, great!