I’m using SWYH on Denon Ceol N9 over wifi. It works but with some delay how can I improve this? What would be the best recommended setting?

I’m having the same issue, there is about 20 secends delay between the audio being played on the media centre. Would love to fix this.

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Hi. I’ve had the same problem when watching movies.

What I found to fix the problem is to shift the audio (unsynchronized audio and image). The software Gom Player has a “Shift audio” function. I use the letter “>” to shift to 5.8 seconds and it perfectly synchronize the movie with the sound. Enjoy :wink:

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I would love this as well. I am streaming sky from my PC to the kitchen. I have currently a delay of 10 seconds in it (not unusable but it could be better)…

Does anybody have a clue who is responsible? The buffering of the speaker or a delay in the software?

I am an experienced software developer and would invest some time in the software, if there is a chance to get it improved.


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