Comment streamer vers des UPNP compatible tel que DEVIALET Phantom?

Quelle est la marche a suivre pour streamer vers ces enceintes

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Devialet Gold Phantoms and Spark support UPnP.

If you have audio playing on your PC and “Stream What You Hear” is installed then your Dialog or Phantom source room should be an option listed by “Stream What You Hear”. In Spark on devices tick the option for UPnP Beta (see Devialet’s FAQ for support) to activate this feature.

When you connect, in “Stream What You Hear” an icon will appear in Spark (the app for the Phantom’s control). If the music pauses this may drop out even through “Stream What You Hear” may still have the ‘room’ ticked. If it has been un-ticked it then you can easily resume by re-selecting once the sound has resumed.

If you are playing a movie with VLC you can adjust the lip sync from within VLC. I had to speed it up by 2.6-3.0 seconds. It still moved off over the length of the movie. It is an issue with any digital system that is being calculated and re-calculated down a chain. Optical output from the sound card worked better and easier but I don’t know what that would be like on 5+1.

Apologises for not responding in French and thankful for online translators.