Any luck with Denon Heos?

Hi all

I picked up a Denon Heos 1 and want to stream sounds from my laptop (Win10 64) to it. SWYH was able to see it as a DLNA device right away. The phone app also sees SWYH so I have the option to play the ‘Stream What You Hear’ mp3.

If I select the speaker/DLNA device from Windows, it plays audio intermittently - sound for about 2-3 minutes, then abruptly no sound. If I close out the SWYH Windows application, reopen it and select the DLNA device again, it sometimes plays audio again. Frustrating to say the least!

Accessing the MP3 & PCM/L16 option from the HEOS app, I get ‘Action could not succeed due to timeout’ each time regardless of mp3 quality & bandwidth selections.

For what it’s worth I have a ASUS RT-AC66U router, ISP speed of ~60 mpbs down and am sitting 10 feet from the router.

Any ideas of other things I can check?

Did you ever resolve the problem? If so, how?

I have the same timeout issue using my Sony Xxperia ZX1 Compact. It was fine initially until an Android update.

My wife has a Sony Xperia ZX premium running Android 8 and it works fine.

Any idea’s please?


I have the same problems with sending the stream to my Denon receiver AVR-X4500H

I have a similiar problem with Denon AVR-X3700H
What I do:

  • play a song with a music player (tried several, win media player , vlc, wimamp ,…)
  • find and select the receiver in the list of available devices in SWYH
  • select SWYH as “music server” with the receiver´s remote control

The recever gives me a single entry: “music”
When I click on it, the receiver gets me the message: “nothing to show”
When I use the HEOS ipad app instaedt, I get two empty (or not named) entries.
When I select one of these, I get the error message:
“Not classified error
… error code -23”

I tried mp3 and pcm and several bitrate settings in SWYH , nothing works.

What I can do is the internal Windows capability to stream songs selected in explorer to stream to the receiver, so I´m sure there is no general network problem.

But this is not what I want. I want to get out any sound what is going out from any application,
in my case it’s a video mapping application “Resolume Arena 7”

What I´m thinking about is the fact that SWYH is a 32bit app and I`m not sure if it is compatible with current Windows 10 (2004 or newer) SWSH requires .NET 4, which doesn’t has Win10 in the list of supported windows versions !

Has anyone any ideas ?

You could try swyh-rs as an alternative solution.
I wrote it as a replacement for SWYH because SWYH had problems with my Volumio based streamers.
I would be interested to know if it works.

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We got the -23 error code too and with your ingenious swyh-rs the streams finally works! We are so happy, thank you.
We already used it on different devices with a Denon AVR-X1600H.

Glad that it works for you, and thanks for the feedback!