7 Ways to Get Free Tidal Subscriptions - Up to 6 Months

Take advantage of 7 nifty approaches to get a Tidal subscription for free, then listen to high-fidelity Tidal audio with ease!

Tidal is perfect for audiophiles looking to stream genres of tracks in the best audio quality possible. This platform adopts the freemium model, allowing new users to experience 30 days of Tidal for free. However, after the trial period ends, lossless playback can only be unlocked with the purchase of a Premium subscription (HiFi or HiFi Plus). On this page, we’ll go over several workable methods to get a Tidal Free Trial. On top of that, there’s another workaround for how to keep Tidal Hi-Fi songs free forever!

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Thanks for sharing. Tried the method 4 and 7