Works great on Windows 10 but few extra features would be nice


Using Stream What You Hear on a Windows 10 laptop to stream audio sources which do not natively support DLNA streaming (e.g. BBC Radio player) to a Marantz NR1504 DLNA-enabled AV amp.

(was previously used the amp’s embedded internet radio support, but BBC have recently changed their audio formats so this no longer works)

This is exactly what I was after and absence of adware is refreshing. Worked perfectly straight out of the box, though had to mute laptop speakers to suppress local audio. Couple of additional features would be nice;

  1. automatic muting of local audio, if that’s possible
  2. independent control of streamed audio volume

Keep up the good work!


Hi guys,

I installed the program , selected the device from the list , but this does not play .
The HTTP streaming works.
Any idea?
Thank you



Same issue here, I can select the device in Win, but I don’t get remote sound. The player remains unattached to the streamer PC.

I didn’t install .NET 4.0. But .NET Framework 4.6.1 comes preinstalled with Win10: