Works but not as expected. Win 7 + Xbox 360


First off, here are my specs:

Windows 7 64 bit home

Xbox 360, no idea which edition.


So here is my problem. Application works as expected, can capture sound, etc. The problem comes to when attempting to use the app as a “background” media player for the 360.

On the app, when I right click the icon, choose Stream To -> Xbox 360, the screen (on the 360) goes black and music starts playing. Occasionally the screen music beats, etc show. I’m not sure what you call these types of displays. Very colorful.

What I would LIKE instead, would be to have the same ability to play this as some sort of playlist item or something, similar to how Jamcast does theirs.


Other: If no stream to device is selected, the option to select source sometimes appears on the 36o as “Steam What You Hear”, but doesn’t happen very seldom and couldn’t replicate this.

How Jamcast works, same as the SWYH application but offers up a “Virtual Sound Card” item. On the 360, the user would use the home button, go to the media tab, choose Select Music, choose the source (listed as LevisLaptop : Jamcast), go to Saved Playlists, then choose Virtual Soundcard. This allows the user to play a game while listening to music in the background. In it’s current state, SWYH is a very nice application but not useful to me unless I can use the console WHILE listening to music. I refuse to choose one or the other, sorry.

I hope you can get this fixed, or add this feature in a future release. I would absolutely love to replace the hefty Jamcast (which also costs).
Dev idea: Could it be that the 360 is using the “System Music Player” instead of another background player that is used when “Select Music” is selected? Or would I be completely off?


Sorry for the double post, but here is a follow up.

I figured out how to get SWYH as a Music Source on the 360 but it won’t successfully connect.

By restarting the application, and NOT choosing any Stream To devices, it is listed as a music source - Stream What You Hear (LEVISLAPTOP), however when I selected this source it says: Connecting to your PC. Please wait.

And after a few moments it says: Unable to connect to the computer. A firewall may be blocking the connection.


Ditto, same problem, checked firewall and all OK on the settings, Xbox does not connect and times out.

If I stream from SWYH then I get a Playback Error on the Xbox.

Thanks in advance for any support


OK got it working, BUT only via PCM and not MP3, I guess this could be correct setting?



Yes, it’s true, the SWYH stream work only with the PCM/L16 on the Xbox 360 !



I’m having the same problem as the original poster and I’m curious if someone got it to wrong the way Jamcast does it? Even using PCM, I can’t access the streamed content directly from the 360, which would allow playback while playing games (I can get the stream to play just fine from the Windows program, but then can’t do anything else on the console).