Which settings? (Lags / interupts)


I use SWYH with a TX 8050 and it is working in general.

Straming MP3 I get an unacceptable delay of 10 seconds or more.
Straming PCM/L16 the stream is constantly lagging / buffering. Even with a bitrate of 96 I get lags every 1-2 seconds.

What is the needle eye here? The WIFI transfer rate? Can you use higher bitrates? Should I change something else?

Thank you very much


BTW: All other straming apps like foobar, VLC or jamcast do work without any lags. :confused:


any suggestions?


Since nobody’s replying… I found that lags happen mainly in PCM when capture frequency does not correspond to actual in your system. 90% of systems are 44,1 kHz 16 bit so set it 44100/16bit and keep fingers crossed. MP3 bitrate is not used in PCM mode thou does not matter what you set. Besides 10 sec delay is nothing unusual in DLNA.