What is correct syntax for command line?


I’d like SWYH to select my renderer automatically at start-up. But what is the correct command line syntax?

I’ve created a shortcut on my desktop with this command in it:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Stream What You Hear\SWYH.exe" "-streamto:Kodi (OpenELEC)"

But it doesn’t seem to work. I’m expecting the device to be ticked in the right click menu, but it’s not. I’ve tried several different ways, with and without quotes and strings like ‘Kodi’ or ‘OpenELEC’.

Can you help?


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Stream What You Hear\SWYH.exe" --streamto:"Kodi (OpenELEC)"

Where “Kodi (OpenELEC)” is the name of your renderer.



The --streamto flag is great. I will be able to simplify startup substantially using that.

Searching the source I also noticed that there exists a --restart flag.

Flags for other SWYH functions would be greatly appreciated as well.