V1.4 the sound is chopping all the time



I love this software, its very easy to use and set up. I use SWYH v1.4 in Window 10 latest build, and I use the app to stream my windows output audio to my Sonos speaker.

Its working… but the sound is chopping all the time (it chops with 5 - 10 secs breaks), even when I use cables cat. 6 in my local LAN. And a gigabit switch. So its not my local LAN that is the problem. The sound is also delayed with about 3 secs.

I have no 3rd party antivirus nor firewall, I am running a clean and fresh install of Windows 10.

I think the app is great, and the idea is superb! But it is not working the way it should, in my eyes. Its not worth using if the audio is chopping all the time, even at lowest quality settings, and also 3 secs delays. I hope you will update the app and fix these issues, because I think the idea is great! And I belive it can be fixed so that there is no delay and no chops, it must be possible. Thanks anyway for the free app :slight_smile: