Uninstalled, but still sound over the speaker

I installed SWYH, and although the behavior was kind of weird (it was working while I had not selected the device in the taskbar menu), I did not like it, too much lag as well. So I uninstalled it. But the sounds keep coming over the speaker. Making my Sonos speaker unusuable for anything else. The moment I put on the PC the sounds comes from the speaker. How can I stop this? Is there a registry setting somewhere that I still need to remove? And audio device somewhere?


I had uninstalled the Sonos app as well. But I installed it again and first changed the radiostation of the swyh.mp3 to a not existing mp3 and then deleted it. That did not solve the problem. Then I removed the radiostation from the list completely. Did not help either. I also added the ip address of my sonos speaker to the firewall, both inbound and outbound blocked. Still the sound comes out of the speaker. Frustrating…