Track is not encoded properly


Oh wow finding this so frustrating, followed every step, when i try to play utube via my sonos using Streamwhatyouhear it says “Track is not encoded properly”. Can someone help tell me where i am going wrong? I downloaded this program to be able to use utube as recommended by friends/website.
Many Thanks


yes, i face the same problem with both my Win 8.1 pc and laptop. can i use swyh for my android phone and tablet?
appreciate your responses.


Same here. SWYH is not working no Windows 8.1. A track is enqueued in Sonos but if I try to play it I get the error “Track is not encoded properly”


The same issue here. Tried running on different ports (5091, 8080) apparently that’s not the issue since the computer communicates with SONOS without any issues. Recently updated to Windows 10 btw. That might have sth to do with it as well.