Testing on obsolete Egreat-M34A



Just to let you know that tried yesterday to send the audio output from my pc streaming Deezer to an Egreat-M34A wiht last firmware that “converted” it to a Popcorn A-110 and it works :slight_smile: The only negative item until now it’s the delay that occurs between the pc and the media player that it’s about 1 minute (Huge). Example: Hit the play button in Deezer start to listen the music on the pc and only one minute after the sounds starts playing in the media player. Will play with settings on the software to understand what could be the problem.

First step changing from mp3 to PCM, let you know later, bye.



I also have an obsolete EGreat M34A and I’m searching some thing to upgrade it…

I think That I will change the firmware to PopCorn A-110 (for now the only one available and compatible that I found!)