Syncronizing Audio playback from Living Room to Kitchen!


Hi all,

GREAT program! But I am having a dilemma with the delay/latency: I would like to use SWYH as a sort of speaker extender. I will be playing my audio from iTunes on my PC, which is in my living room, and on the receiving end is VLC on my iPad in the kitchen, plugged into a Bose SOundlink.

Of course, when I play the audio from my PC, it works - I can stream to my Kitchen - yay! BUT - the problem is there is a latency of about 7 seconds.

Is there a way to *add a delay of 7 seconds on my PC audio, and twek it so it matches up with the kitchen audio? I have tried VLC, but to no avail.

Help appreciated - thanks - merci!


Using VLC you can try to set syncronisation (extras-tracksync-sync-audio/video)