SWYH to Parrot Aviary

Hi guys.

I am hoping to use SWYH in order to pipe my own app, which schedules sound tracks to play throughout the day, to a weatherproof Sonos One. This provides audio stimulation for the parrots, plays their favorite songs, teaches them new words when we aren’t there, choreographs rain forest storms, all kinds of stuff.

(1) Between scheduled sounds the feed seems to expire, so that when the next sound plays it doesn’t stream.
(2) Instead, when I use the HTTP Live Streaming URI to define a TuneIn station in Sonos, that URI doesn’t persist a host reboot. Every time I initiate HTTP Live Streaming I get a new uneditable URI on the host side.
(3) Is there a way to start SWYH via the command line with some params that will set the HTTP Live Streaming URI? That way the URI would persist in the caller code and persist across host reboots, etc.

Anyone know a way to do any of this with SWYH? Would be great if possible.