SWYH not working after hibernate


First of all: Great program, very useful. Thanks.
My configuration; Win 7 and teufel raumfeld speakers, properly installed.
Works nicely on startup, but when I hibernate the system, no sound.
SWYH is still residing in the taskbar, respective “stream to” entry is checked, but no sound; restart of SWYH fixes the problem. No system reboot needed.
Any ideas? Other user with the same problem?



Same problem :slight_smile: I think everybody has the same since when you hibernate all the connections are closed and not restored back. Try to hibernate with mapped drive opened in explorer and you are in the same situation.


I think there are two issues - there’s no way to remap the sound. Sometimes audio stop working altogether. And the other is we should have a way to have a fixed MAC address, so that other devices are not looking at the old DNLA device. Rebooting is the simplest fix for now.