SWYH and Squeezebox


Hello and thanks for a great program!

I am trying to use SWYH to send audio to a number of Logitech Squeezebox devices.

The devices I want to stream to appear in the “stream to” list (the Upnp/DLNA plug in for Logitech media server is running). But after I send the stream to each squeezebox device, I cannot find a way to get each receiver device to then play the stream. Is there something I need to do get the player to play the stream?

I can get the audio to stream if I use the HTTP:LIVE STREAMING option and then paste the URL into logitech media server like a radio station. I would be happy to stick with working that way, but the probelm is that the port number changes everytime you use this option - meaning you cannot simply set this radio station up as favourite and you need to change the url each time. Is there anyway to set this up so it always uses the same port number?

Thanks again!




I have exactly the same problem.


Same problem over here: I can select the squeezebox, and it starts ‘receiving’, but then it just stops and goes back to the previous menu.

It works perfectly with the http streaming, though, so I might stick with that.
BTW, you can fix the port number in the Settings dialog. Just make sure you take a high number (> 10000 is always a safe bet.)



I’m also trying to get this to work, so would appreciate any help you can give.

When setting the port – is it the port in the LMS settings? Or the port in the SWYH settings? Or are both meant to be changed to the same value?

many thx!



It would be very nice to get this software working with squeezebox. I have the same problem.

Help needed