SWYH Already running (won't open)


Hey every time I open it it says it’s “already running” and so will not open, i’ve tried redownloading it and installing again.
Only thing i can think of is that after uninstalling it some files are left in my program files folder which i cannot manually delete either as it says the files are still being used somewhere.
I’d really like a solution as others have this problem also and this app is the only possibility for streaming youtube to Sonos devices! Thank you!


Same problem with Windows 8 Enterprise N




I am having the same problem…there is no icon in the system tray, although SWYH shows up on the Task Manager. I can’t do anything wth it (like select a device to stream to). I am running Win10 64 bit (the title in the TM says 32 bit, is that maybe the issue?).


Yeah, same thing. Annoying. I am running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4.

Same as others on Windows 7 (Chrome)


Same issue. No option on tray link and when you click it it says SWYH is already running.


How about some support? I have exactly the same problem. No menu. Message that it is already running.


I Googled around and found this, followed it and SWYH working.

The icon to right click on is the icon in the lower right of your programs tray (accessed from the ^ arrow near bottom right, which shows running programs).

This is not the icon for starting the program. This is the icon in the lower right tray after the program is started.

Note that the icon is very dim.

From here you can follow the set up instructions. :slight_smile:


I already figured out for myself what AllyBlue described and I get SWYH working, at least to make a recording. But after exiting the programm the icon tray on the right stays empty and transparent and the same goes for the right-click menu on the Start button (and right-click menus in other programms).
Does anybody experience the same problem?
I have Windows 10 Home 64bit.


Problem solved. Some other programm was the culprit!