SWYH 1.4 working only once!



i have a Samsung UE55H6410 with the T-MST14DEUC-2130.0 firmware.
Installed the SWYH v1.4. Select my TV. My tv recognizing the PC and i am allow the TV to communicate with my PC and music streams fine!

But when i close and reopen SWYH it doesn’t work anymore.
My TV give a message to check the network and after 5 seconds the TV goes back to DVB-T.

Reinstalled SWYH, delete the paired connection in my TV, nothing work. :frowning:
No Firewall active!

Any hint?


Kodi portable running on PC as UPNP renderer.
Selecting “Kodi (PC)” in SWYH!
Default renderer in Kodi is my TV (advancedsettings.xml).

I have all my radio streaming stations in a sidebar widget (7 Sidebar).
Thats why i am looking for the fastest way to stream this sound from the sidebar to my TV (which is connected to my Onkyo AV per optical cable) without start an extra big app like Kodi (hoping there comes a update of this litte SWYH tool to put this one in the Autoruns folder).