SWYH 1.4 Vista windows firewall and Pioneer XW-SMA-4K


Hi folks,

Just wondering what it would be that windows firewall is blocking when I connect my computer to my Pioneer XW-SMA-4K.

The pioneer is easily connected to by SWYH, but will not play anything unless the firewall is unblocked.

The install finished with a dialogue box asking if I wanted XXXX? unblocked.

Possibly this should be added to the installation instructions page.

Looking forward to any replys.



By design windows firewall will block most any software that uses the network unless you allow it, to prevent security breaches from software that didn’t need inbound connectivity to begin with. You should unblock stream what you hear in your firewall, all you are doing is allowing it to communicate on your home network so it can connect to the speaker, and you’re only allowing that for SWYH, not disabling the firewall completely


Having problems with Avast blocking SWYH. Not sure how to fix this except for turning off the Firewall. Can you help