SWYH 1.4 is Open Source !


Hi all,

Since today, starting SWYH 1.3 a message box will notify you of the availability of a new version 1.4! It’s here, after more than 2 years :wink:

Changelog :

  • Support for multi-channel sound cards
  • Support sound cards with a higher sample rate to 48kHz 16 bit (tested to 24 bit, 192,000 Hz)
  • Streaming to a Media Renderer by starting SWYH.exe with the command line argument “-streamto: XX” (where XX is the name of your Media Renderer)
  • Fixed “the” bug (forum report) that can cause a crash when starting SWYH (System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
  • Optimizing CPU usage when SWYH is in “sleep” (acquisition and compression of the audio stream if and only if clients are connected)
  • Writing the “crash” log file when an unhandled error occurs on the user’s desktop (because access denied when writing the file into the SWYH directory in Program Files if not run as admin).
  • Upgrade to NAudio 1.7 and replacement of my MP3 encoding library (SWYH.Audio.Mp3.dll) by the new NAudio.Lame library (new audio processing & new MP3 encoding)
  • Other minor changes

Moreover, SWYH is now Open Source to enable everyone to understand, diagnose, fix and improve this great application. So if you are a developer, fork SWYH on Github : https://github.com/StreamWhatYouHear/SWYH !
Any “pull request” is welcome! Thanks in advance to all future contributors.

To read my full announcement: http://www.streamwhatyouhear.com/2015/06/02/stream-what-you-hear-is-now-open-source-and-new-version-1-4/

Then install this new version ! It fixes the error due to the DLNA device detection that crash SWYH on startup in some case, and support the multi-channel sound card or with a high rate sampling (that crash in 1.3). As it integrated a new audio processing for MP3 encoding it could even improve the compatibility with your equipment!

Long live Stream What You Hear and thank you all for your different supports :slight_smile:


Thank You, Sébastien!


that is pretty awesome!

Have a beer on me, cheers.

  1. Thanks Sebastien for all your work, we know it applies to myriad cases/brands/possibilities.

  2. Like users of other brands, those of us who use #Sonos are trying to liberate streams that #Sonos has not added/negotiated to its lineup, e.g. http://live.rbmaradio.com/channels

Since when using SWYH one has to open EDIT in order to update as well as right-click on SWYH icon (bottom right on Windows 8.1), Tools, HTTP Live Streaming every single time, and in my case I’m no programmer/coder/true STEMie, could any of you Sonos fans out there with programming/coding knowledge collaborate and make SWYH work easy and well on Win 8 (10?) and Mac OS (El Capitan?) …c’mon smart music-maniacs, make it work easy for the rest of us! Please!



Wishlist/fantasy: #Sonos buys SWYH from you and they customize it to make it work 100% easy/well from Windows and Mac OS for their products. Have you ever approached them? If you look at Sonos forums, official and other, tons of users TRULY want the MANY streaming possibilities of audio (web based & software) and all sorts of contents liberated from lengthy negotiations in order to play via Sonos and distribute sound all over the house.

I’d commend you to get your entrepreneurial spirit going and contact Sonos, your product along with your consulting expertise could make you nice extra cash.

Me? Fan of #Sonos #Apple and many others, a brand mgmt/research/biz-development/marketing enthusiast and a multi-streamer e.g. here’s an OLD blog of mine https://sindiek8.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/music-programming-value/

I’m glad I searched until I found SWYH. Thanks for your heard work …when it works well/easy I really enjoy SWYH i.e. this week #Beats1 over #itunes, #RBMA, Dash Radio, etc.



Thanks for all the hard work on SWYH!

It seems like the new version taking too much CPU power, I’ve tried on two different computers (and strong ones) and after a while they choked up… untill I FC SWYH.

please check that issue cause I cannot use SWYH untill then…

thanks a lot!


Wohooooo! Thank you Sebastien!
I just got an Chromecast Audio for christmas, but it was such a pain in my neck that i can’t use it without internet connection (f*** this data mining)!
I will return the Chromecast dongle because of privacy reasons and I hope that many people read this and support your project instead!
SWYH is awesome!

You write “support sound cards with a higher sample rate to 48kHz 16 bit (tested to 24 bit, 192,000 Hz)”? What do you mean with tested? Is there a hidden setting to activate 24bit/192kHz in SWYH?
At the moment the more audiophile quality transfer with 24bit/192kHz with Chromcast audio is the only reason to maybe reconsider it again.


Thank you for this program, Sébastien. I’ve been looking for a long time for a solution for streaming itunes from PC to EZCast. The EZCast supports airplay, but airplay from itunes constantly disconnected. This solves the problem.


thank you very much, new update is awesome, much more stable with my vsx-527
open source is truly cool too
cheers from Russia)


First of all, thank you Sebastian for realizing this absolutely useful idea.

Unfortunately, SWYH does not list my DLNA enabled Harman Kardon Aura. It is already connected to my wi-fi network, listed as a Media Renderer/Device under Win-7 and I can play it via Spotify Desktop/Connect.

Is it possible to make SWYH detect it, e.g. by manual setup from the command line? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for making this project open source. I’ve been struggling to get swyh working on my home laptop with my sonos. It’s always worked fine with my work laptop. Both are running win 7 x64, but i could only get my home laptop working after pulling down the source, compiling it and running my-compiled version. Not optimal, but at least both laptops can stream to my sonos now.