Streaming audio only from movie



I installed stream what you hear and am capable of playing an mp3 on my PC that is then streamed to my media player ( AC Ryan playon HD mini ) that is connected to my hifi system.

When I play a movie on my PC, the audio of the movie is not heard on my hifi system. Is there any way this could work? I would like to connect my notebook to a beamer to display a movie and wirelessly transmit the audio from the movie to my hifi system.

If anyone know how this can be done, I would like to hear it.






Oh man, where do I start? I began my professional dmnelopeevt with WordPress and have used it for several years What stands out:a. Media manager. Yep, already been stated. I honestly don’t mind it that much, but dear god is it disorganized.b. Metaboxes But now I’ve found WP_Alchemy, everything’s like 100% better. c. Custom Post Types/Custom Taxonomy THIS MAKES ME WANT TO BURN WORDPRESS WITH FIRE. Seriously, I could spit this shit is so dumb: Oh, you just built a custom post type called BlaBla? You want me to display that via the archive.php template? Oh, nope; not going to do that, even though you’re accessing it from the slug you gave when defining it. Oh, nope; simply creating a new template file called archive-BlaBla.php doesn’t work either I have no idea you’re wanting the BlaBla post type, even though you’re accessing it at the slug you gave and are viewing it via a template that has the bloody post type’s name IN THE BLINKING FILENAME Don’tchaknow you need to write a modified query to make anything even slightly functional? Duuuuuuuuh Stupid coder. Meanwhile, in Drupal: Click Click Type Click Click Okay! Everything works perfectly now! What do you mean, do you want a custom template for that’? Sure, I guess I could use one ? But if not, that’s okay too! Here, have a beer! d. The complete inability to version control stuff in the database. Again, my experience in Drupal has made me see why this kind of thing is useful. Say you spend an hour configuring a really complex View (I.e., An arbitrary way of listing content in the site. ) via the Views UI. If you want to version control it, you can use either Views Bulk Exporter or Features (Or probably a half-dozen other methods) to save it as its own module, which can then be checked-in to your preferred version control system. This is CRAZY USEFUL when you’re doing the whole dev->staging->production dmnelopeevt methodology.e. Relevant to that siteurl and home. Most modern PHP-based CMSes, you drop into a web-accessible directory, make sure the MySQL databases is set up properly in the config file, and you’re good to go. I have had the most hellacious time recently trying to manage all of WordPress’ stupid, stupid hard-coded URLs between several instances of the same codebase (Again, dev->staging->production workflow, with multiple dev machines). There is absolutely no reason why any URL should be hardcoded into the system (And don’t get me started with how much WordPress serializes data makes writing any sort of conversion script rather difficult.).I’m sure I can think of others


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