Stream What You Hear has stopped working


So every time i start SWYH it crashes with that error. Any idea why? I made sure to install and update net 4.0 full. I was previously using JamCast for streaming to my xbox 360 and it worked fine.


Hum strange ! What’s your operating system ? SWYH is running as administrator or not ?


I am running windows 7 ultimate x64. I did try running as admin and I also tried different compatibility options. I HAVE tweaked windows a bit. Is it possible that I disabled a required service or something along that line? although i wouldn’t know which one.


Well I’ve tried SWYH after restoring all windows services to default with no luck. Tried to revert everything i could think of back to default windows but nothings working, still crashing. Do you have any suggestions?



I’ll send you, tomorrow, a special version of SWYH to log an exception occurred in order to understand why SWYH crash on your PC !

See u soon


fantastic! thanks so much!


So I didn’t get the email from you. I may have accidentally deleted it if it was sent to my spam folder. Could you resend please? thx



A newer version of SWYH is available (version 1.3) !

Now, all crashes are written into the file “error.log” in the SWYH directory !

You can send me the content of this file to understand why SWYH don’t work on your computer



here’s my error.log


So what does “Invalid number of channels” mean? Is it something with my sound card or DFX? Something I can fix on my end?


SWYH (< 1.3) capture the local sound in stereo (2 channels) ! I haven’t handled the cases where the source isn’t in 2 channels :frowning:

Pending an update, there is a workaround :

  • open the control panel and click on "Sound"
  • In the "Playback" devices, show the properties of your sound card
  • In "Advanced" tab, set the "Defaut format" to "2 channel, 16 bits, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)"


I got the same exception.

The workaround didn’t work for me, but I was able to set the Audio Output to Stereo in the Realtek HD Audio-Manager. That fixed it.


Would be cool if we could select the audio source. Then I could define that my front-audio-jack is a stereo speaker and route it to your awesome app while other apps could play stuff on my regular 5.1 speakers :slight_smile:


Same problem with me, only: the workaround does not work, because in the advanced tab of my playback device there is no ‘2 channel’ option. All formats here lead to the crash of SWYH.

<a href=“” title=“no 2 channel option”>sound -> playback devices -> formats (no 2 channels)</a>

What can I do?


This is the link of the screenshot:


Workaround fixed it for me…



I’m having the same problems and the workaround doesn’t work. I’m so sad about it. Here’s my error.log!A0xg0boC!8C_0YZizhWkusMpqhHLe93zY6TVyb7V4F-Ft5Ds8S4M

Thanks in advance!


Hi !

I’m exactly in the same issue and i really would like to make this application working.
I set my Realtek on 2 channels and 16 bit 48 kHz … after few seconds app crashes …

Here is my error log :!FN83FJ7Y!Dij9aEkJeiwGgW3dQGl8rlJo4fpGSRNwvgwDAhYPsXQ

tks !


Same issue for me. Is there a fix already?


Here is the same probleme, i changed the stereo to 16 - 48k and it’s still crashing

any issue ?




Nice piece of software! I have been looking for this for sometime, and I am very excited to have found SWYH (I would donate, are you on flattr?).
But I have problems getting it to work, because as soon as I start my TV (Samsung Smart TV) SWYH crashes.

This is what I get from the TV:

This is my log:

If the TV is off or not connected to the same network, SWYH starts normally and appears on my android phone.

I am running on Windows 8.1 in a Surface Pro 3.