Stream to LG LAB540 does not work, Prodigy Xtreamer gets the job done!

Hello guys,

I did try this on my LG LAB540 soundplate but unfortunately this device seems to be unsupported. My Xstreamer Prodigy does the job though…:slight_smile:

Thanks for this nice product.

Kind regards, RD.

Did some more comparison with my other equipment. I am sorry to say that the sound quality is a bit poor. I can only connect over MP3 with the Xtreamer and I have to say this is not really seamless. I have to connect manually to get this thing to work.

I will stick to streaming over Bluetooth or via my Apple TV. For Windows I have to trust to the good old audio cable (except for iTunes which does stream to the Apple TV).

Kind regards, RD.

Another way to stream iTunes music to Apple TV I have used is to get help from the Audio Converter for Mac from DRmare. It helps me save the songs for TV’s playing and also other players. Songs will be kept with ID3 tags and can be played with no network connection. I can stream the songs to the TV easily and access them anytime.