Stream Stops After 2 Days

I had the stream running for a little over 2 days and suddenly I can’t connect to it from any location. I’ve changed the ports, I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, I’ve changed the IP on the streaming computer… nothing.
I doubt anyone will even see this, since these forums are pretty much dead. It’s a great piece of software when it works, but this automatically stopping without any changes to the computer whatsoever is a little surprising. If anyone out there is reading this and either has the same problem or has a solution, PLEASE respond. Thank you.

I had problems with SWYH and searched the forum and found this modified version which worked for me. I hope it works for you.
Regards, carbotec.

[GitHub - dheijl/swyh-rs: Stream What You Hear written in rust, inspired by SWYH.]

(GitHub - dheijl/swyh-rs: Stream What You Hear written in rust, inspired by SWYH.)

I had the app going for a couple of days, and it stopped working while listening to it. the error message on the sonos app said “music not encoded correctly”. Have tried everything you mentiioned, but not only cannot get it working again, it won’t uninstall. According to everything on my computer, it should be gone. It is not listed as an installed program, all icons are gone, but when i go to reinstall it, my computer keeps telling me that i can’t install the program because it is already on my computer, and it is running. if it is running, why does it not show up anywhere. Loved the app while it was working because I stream a station that is not on Tune In, and I can only get it on my computer. Now I once again can’t listen to it on my Sonos.