Stream only one audio source.


I want to be able to have only one audio source streamed. I am using a program called VoiceMeeter to do sounds and it has an output (after it mixes mic and computer sounds) which is the only thing I want to stream. I have the VoiceMeeter output set to default but changing the volume of the audio on VoiceMeeter doesn’t seem to affect the audio. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


To understand all on Voicemeeter, please follow the step by step user manual there:


+1 for streaming from one audio source (1 application instead of a mix of everything that goes to soundcard).
Airfoil is a good example (once Airfoil takes over an application, it is getting streamed and application output is not played on a PC).
I am happy to donate once such feature becomes available.



It would be nice to be able to choose the input device used in SWYH.

So we would be albe to redirect what we want to that device from voicemeeter output.