Stops when there is no more sound



is there a way to continue recording even if there currently isn’t any audio playback?
It is really annoying to always choose the Stream To… when i pause my music for a short duration, as then the SWYH stops recording and playing to the previously choosen device.

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Same here. When playing multiple tracks (Spotify playlist, for example) I have to click Stream To for every track (presumably because it’s stopping on the silence between tracks?).

If no programs are making any sound and I click Stream To, the tick appears next to the renderer name, but then a few seconds late the tick disappears!


I’m sort of assuming this is a recent, cause you really can’t miss it, and yet it wasn’t reported until just recently.

One vote from me to get it fixed.


I have the same problem which rather ruins an otherwise excellent program.
It really should continue streaming regardless, with perhaps selectable silence time-outs up to say an hour or even an always on option.


My hope was to find this point solved in V1.4. Sebastian, please give the possibility to add some additional capture time in the case of gap, pause or silence.

Otherwise great work on a very helpful program!!!