Stereoboomm MR200 not supported


Stream what you hear seems like a really nice program to stream audio from my windows 10 laptop to my DLNA speakers.
Unfortunately, the Stereoboomm MR200 is not supported. My MR200 is seen by Windows as a multimedia device next to stream what you hear.
I am able to use send to (which is built in in Windows 10) to connect to the MR200. It’s only available for local files. I’m not able to send f.e. youtube audio to the MR200 using that.


Your bug report is useless: what is the actual problem:

  • SWYH does not see the device?
  • SWYH sees the device and connects but neither a mp3 nor wav stream can be heard?


I have the same problem.

SWYH does not see the StereoBoomm wifi DLNA speaker.
Windows does recognize it as a ‘Play To’ device, but it does not appear in the ‘Stream To’ menu of SWHY.


Maybe the used dlna stack does not find your device. Got the same problem with a few other devices - fixed it by adding a “add device manually” option for my tools.

First check whether the stack really does not find the device.
Download Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies v0.0.69 from and start / find devicespy - or build the tool from the sources like I did (the same stack is also used in SWYH btw).
If the tool finds your device the error is somewhere else…
If the device is not found add it manually:
Find the advertised device xml and its url and add it manually in devicespy (menu file -> Manually add device). The device should be found. If that’s the case you need an option in SWYH to add devices…

The manual for the StereoBoomm does not mention the url - can’t help you there. But you can find it via wireshark. See as an example. Location is the url for the device xml.