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First I want to congratulate to a well thought out and working application :slight_smile:

I use SWYH to steam from my laptop to my Onkyo TX-NR515 reciver and it work as a charm.

There is one small annoynce thou. The sound come out rather flat, I guess the best way to describe how it sound is to say it sounds like how music sounds on a regular laptop or smartphone, if that make sense. A another way to describe it is that it sounds highly compressed. The lower register is cut out and the soundsignal is rather week which means i have to crank up the volume several notches. Is there a way form me to improve the soundquality?

I have exprimented with equlizers both on the integrated soundcard and in winamp, winamps equlizer is the only one to give some effect but even though I give the base some boost but it still sounds kinda flat. I’m was wondering if a built in equlizer in SWYH or capturing in a even higher bitrate could do more of a difference?


I have no soundproblems when I play music trough DLNA or the reciveers built in spotify, the sound comes out full and consderly louder.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance //4rk4d00

(And sorry for my mediocre englishspelling, I guess I should studied harder at school :wink:



Just mentioned that HTTP streaming is MP3-only. Please enhance it to lossless formats (PCM or FLAC)

Anyway, your app is awesome.


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The same here. I use a HP-Envy15 with beats-audio and when I set all equalizers and output preferences to not touch the signal, it sounds flat and there is also bass missing totally. Tried it with an mp3 and compared it to playing the mp3 directly on my Onkyo and it seems the compressing kicks quite some frequencies.

Any solution?


I have this problem solved in a “stupid” way… CONNECT HEADPHONES!

Couldn’t sleep for the same reason, tried thousand of solutions an then I ran swyh with… headphones connected. It worked brilliant!! It is Windows that changes your sound characteristic to play via laptop’s speakers. Connect headphones or anything into aux/phones connector and you will come across high quality sounds via DLNA. And finally I can hear spotify in a good quality. I think every windows 10 is affected. Couldn’t find any settings that would avoid changing of sound when played on internal speakers.

Now - looking for somebody to find how to cheat windows that headphones are connected.


I found that the sound streamed via SWYH using http from my Windows PC to my CC Wifi Reciva-based internet radio was very poor but streaming it to vlc (also free software) running on the same PC and then streaming from vlc to the radio fixed it. Modify these instructions appropriately for your device:


Check to see if you have 3rd party software acting as an equalizer, this might be messing up the sound (and changing it when you have headphones connected). My Acer laptop came pre-installed with a Dolby Audio “virtual surround sound” equalizer which has a profile for playing sounds out of my laptop speakers. When I turned this off my streaming quality greatly improved.

Awesome product!


As Piotr points out connecting headphones is a valid solution because windows is degrading the sound quality to deliver to your laptop speakers. But you can instruct windows to not degrading the sound quality even when you have no headphone connected. See:


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