Sound is faster than normal



Great application. I was really excited that this did what I wanted to. However, I found that the music I was playing ended up having a faster beat than normal. Is there anything I can adjust in the settings to fix this?





adjusted the capture rate and it seems to work better now, thanks


Hi Pam, excellent subejct. I’m glad to see someone say that an individual with depressive symptoms should expect to manage their symptoms only. In my treatment experience I can’t remember one time a pyhc doc, MD, or therapist telling me that I should not expect to be cured and only expect to manage my depressive symptoms. That would of been helpful to me in the long run. I have over 20 years experience being treated by the medical community and have to say that they fail when it comes to working in unison to treat depression. I cane28099t understand why a profession with the esteem of the medical community cane28099t come up with a set protocol. It seems idiotic to leave it up to the practitioner to decide based on what the weekly drug rep. was pushing. One medical leg says I need some kind of med or combination of, another says I need Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, another says I need Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, still another pursues treatment with homeopathic remedye28099s like amino acids and vitamins. I cane28099t help but think it leaves holes in the treatment process, some forms of treatment get left out along the way. Any thoughts why the medical community is so separated when it comes to treating depression? Is it really about the pursuit of financial gain instead of the patients well being?


RE: Scotsman You are right on the mark. Who cares about the debt hroedls?But in order not to make them angry you have to kind of make a sell pitch to the old debt hroedls. For example you can say that in order to stabilize the world economy which is also in the interest of the old debt hroedls you will be issuing new papers. This should not be a big deal because monetary base is smaller now compared to 2 years ago. And you have to smile a lot and pat people on the back. Tell them that we are rolling hard and the old debt hroedls will witness remarkable history etc. And then you are right. You get rid of debt by printing or defaulting. And then you go for a hike a relax. You tell people to take on more debt ASAP so the economy starts moving again. The problem is if old debt hroedls smell something rotten going on. So in order to prevent this you print cash in chunks. So people kind of get used to the printing schedule. You should not do too many things at one time. And you just hike and relax. That is if you live in the NW. In DC you go for a walk to the park or maybe you try to relax on the beach somewhere. I think the solutions do not have to be so painful. Scotsman tell me if I am completely wrong here. I think this is what the current administration wants to do anyways. Rate this comment: 0 0