Sound Cuts Out


Hey all,

When streaming anything from my PC, the sound is choppy. At 192 bitrate, the sound chops/cuts every 2 seconds and if I lower it to 128, then it cuts 2-3 times and then doens’t for a minute. Then it continues in that pattern.

I hear about people turning bit rate up to max and being fine, so I don’t want to lose quality with this.

Any ideas?


I am having the exact same issue. did you ever find a fix?


Having a similar issue, streaming BBC radio playlists via SWYH and get about half way through a song before it cuts out then wait about 5 seconds and it resumes - very annoying.


It seems the play-buffer (cache) is set too low. It should be set app. 1000 ms.


So, how does one set the play-buffer (casche) to get rid of the cut in and out?