[Solved] Loud feedback buzz - bug on startup


I’ve recently had a problem with SWYH, for which I found the solution of my own, so I decided to post this problem + solution for any people who have the same problem in the future.

The problem I had was at startup: I started windows 7 and then launched SWYH; then I immediately heard a continuous, very loud BUZZZ (like a micro-phone feeback sound) that would not go away until I closed SWYH. If I started SWYH again the buzz would come back.

It turns out this was because my windows is configured to not make any log in “welcome” sound. So SWYH would start before any application made any sound on my computer. The solution is to make Windows have a startup sound, or start ANY other application and make a sound with it before starting SWYH. Problem solved.

Hope this helps.