Server dosnt send any data to network



server SHYH is runing, but it dosnt send any data to my home network - I can see the traffic on my Network Meter gadget. And my Sony Blu-ray Home theatre system cannot see the SWYH server. Jamcast works without any problem… Runs on Win7/64.



Hi PaulThanks for this comment. I tried to do this but after insialltng it using the add/remove applications it wont start, saying there are no filesystems which you are allowed to mount/unmount, Contact your administrator . I thought this was a permissions issue, but there is only 1 user on this installation and I couldnt work out how to run gparted as sudo or root without the command line, which I only wanted to run as a last resort when using fdisk, as there is serious potential for cock ups!Any further suggestions Paul for myself and other any people who stumble across this thread? I hope the new job is going well, I read your posts on Android with interest even though its not relevant to us.


Today we have had our first and only major wildfire this semumr. We nearly made it to the end of semumr without one. I grabbed the point and press camera before taking the dogs out this morning, quite a normal thing for me to do. Whilst walking I thought I could smell smoke, I looked […]