PS4 Media Player


Is there any way to get this work with the media player? MP3 is the only one that shows and it stops loading soon after I select it. I tried using the http link as a live stream through serviio and it doesn’t even show up. It does on my PS3. So lame that the previous console is more capable than its successor.


I’m gonna assume that this doesn’t work because the media player doesn’t have proper or any renderer support. Ugh.


I found an alternative that works. The only issue is that I have to pay for premium and its UI is clunky compared to this one. I have no idea why the PS4 refuses to play through this program. They both decode WASAPI to MP3. Please update this program if possible to support the media player. :slight_smile: I would give the name of the upnp server, but I am unsure if it is allowed. Thanks for reading!